• Chemical Media VR Doco To Launch At MIFF

    July 2017

    Chemical Media are proud to announce the premiere of our VR documentary Inside Manus at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Directed by Lucas Taylor and produced by Chemical Media, Hoodlum and Cutting Edge for SBS and Screen Queensland, this ground-breaking VR experience takes you behind the razor-wire of the Manus Island detention centre to meet the asylum seekers who are being denied their freedom, their rights, and even their identity. Sessions will sell out very fast, you can book through the link below…

  • Chemical Media Goes AWOL In The Cocos Islands

    July 2017

    It’s a tough gig but someone’s got to do it. Chemical Media has spent much of this year embedded in the Cocos Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean filming The Cocos Question for SBS’s Untold Australia series. The documentary tells the extraordinary story of Australia’s forgotten Islamic island and the Cocos Malay people who inhabit it as they fight to preserve their culture, assert their identity, and save their island home from destruction. The documentary is supported by Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

  • Chemical Media Shoots Monsters For ABC Arts

    June 2017

    Chemical Media is currently shooting You See Monsters across Australia for ABC Arts. The 1×60 documentary explores the work of a new generation of Australian Muslims artists who are fighting anti-Islamic bigotry with creativity, satire and irreverence. Supported by Screen Australia and Film Victoria, the documentary follows the creative exploits of six contemporary Australian Muslim artists working on the fault line where art, racism and identity intersect.

  • Best Lifestyle Programme: Asian TV Award

    December 2016

    Nomad Chef – Up In The Air, directed by Chemical Media’s Tony Jackson, was judged the year’s Best Lifestyle Programme at the 21st Asian Television Awards held in Singapore. The one-hour special shot in China, Italy and Singapore for Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific extends the successful 10×60 Nomad Chef franchise produced in 2014 by Beach House Pictures and Chemical Media.