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The Chemical Media team has worked on countless successful international co-productions, and being a gregarious bunch with a global outlook, we are keen to do a whole lot more.

Chemical Media is eligible to access both Australian state and federal industry funding, has strong commissioning relationships with many Australian and Asian broadcasters, and has excellent working partnerships with Asian production companies and pan-Asian regional funding authorities.

If you are looking for a co-production partner who can bring industry funding, broadcaster pre-sales, production expertise and editorial input to a project, feel free to talk with us and take our waist measurements, we could be a perfect fit.

Executive Producer Tony Jackson:

Line production

If you’re looking for a line producer in Australia, Chemical Media has the local knowledge, contacts, crews and production expertise to deliver your shoot on schedule and on budget.

Our production team has organised shoots from Tasmania to the remote islands of the Torres Strait and we’re as comfortable operating in urban Sydney as we are in the Outback.

Our research skills are exemplary, and our experience working for travel giant Lonely Planet means we either know the country like the back of our hand or know someone else who does.

We can assist with location and talent scouting, supply tried-and-test production management, source first-rate crews, provide logistical support for remote location shoots and arrange permits.

And since you might be on the other side of the world, we’re used to working in multiple time zones and keeping open lines of communication, because we know you’ll want to be kept up to date.

Our personal credits include line producing a 48 x 30 minute reality TV series in a NSW rainforest for UK network Channel Four, and line producing hundreds of short-form destination videos for

Tony Jackson:


We’re always on the lookout for new presenters, especially if you’re an expert in your chosen field. Whether you’re a Renaissance historian, a Vietnamese chef, a human rights lawyer or simply the most downright charismatic person on the face of this earth, if you can tell a story, connect with people, make us think, or make us laugh, send your CV and an online showreel to: and let’s see where the conversation goes.


It would be lovely to think we had a monopoly on good ideas but despite our not-to-shabby strike rate, experience suggests to us otherwise. Archimedes in the bathtub springs to mind. So if you have a great idea that you want to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. All we ask is that you follow the simple road rules below.

We have an active development slate and receive many unsolicited ideas so to protect your interests and ours, we ask that you first drop us a line so we can briefly explain how we handle the legal niceties before you send us your killer idea. Once you understand the terms on which we operate, then you can decide whether you’d like to share your idea with us or not.

Your first port of call is

Then use this form to submit your idea.